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Yesterday I sat in my shed and cried for close too 2 hours. I was sitting in front of a life time of collected junk and I realised that shed was me. Only 10% of the stuff I carry around with me was mine, the other 90% belonged to my ex husband, my ex boyfriends and my family and friends. You see I’m a carrier. Not a disease or illness carrier (I get my regular checks … STD free since 1987) an ’emotional carrier’.

I had, had enough of all the mess in my shed and decided today’s the day I get rid of it all. That then turned into 2 hours of me sitting in the same spot, on a paint tin, crying about life. So this blog originally started as a laugh between friends … but now I think it might just be the therapy I need. So on that note let’s get on with the original first blog,  the one I actually had put time and effort into!

(Side note: no shed cleaning occurred. I went inside and drank wine..2 bottles)


  • 30 years and 11.3 months
  • 371.3 months
  • 1,614.3 weeks
  • 11,300 Day

Above is the total amount of days I’ve been alive, 11,300 days. Doesn’t really seem impressive or sound like much Hey. But I’ve managed to fit more than most into those 11,300 days. The first 15 odd years were filled with pretty stock standard days. Just an average kid growing up in average family of 6, with endless amounts of average love and average fun. (My family is amazing don’t get me wrong, and to me not average at all but we aren’t the Hiltons or the Kardashians )

Then at 16 my family hit a rocky patch, and by rocky I mean Everest sized, and now it seems I’ve been rocky (or just plain crazy) ever since.

My life at best is full. Full of people, places, things, love and drama. ALLLL the drama. I don’t know at what point the universe decided I could handle it all. But it did. And I’m still here. So cheers Universe.

Each and every time I tell people different parts of my life story, I get the same reaction “You should write a book.” So here I am, not a book but a blog. A blog because I’m young and hip and blogs are cool. Well not really I just have terrible writing skills and no one would publish anything I write. (Also for all those English buffs and grammar police I know sentences shouldn’t start with But or And. BUT this wont change , so it’s best you move along now) I guess you could call this my new years resolution, “NEW YEAR NEW ME” type thing. Honestly though I’d love to just see it all, My life in one hit, paragraphs of ME. To read it all and think wow I survived that.

The easiest way to do this is to break up my life into individual blogs (small disclaimer I got the ideas for the titles of my blogs from the girl who was dating my boyfriend at the time, safe to say he’s now an ex and may just get more than a single blog. But that will all come in time and under the title The PSYCHOLOGIST) I promise to be honest and cover it all. I’ve always been pretty good at dealing with things myself and doing it privately, but I’ve come to realise I am pretty amazing. I’ve lived some pretty amazing, bizarre, terrible things and they are all me. ALL me.

So here I am. Read along it you want or drop off now. I really don’t mind, This is more for me then it is for you. If you do stay though I at least hope you may just get a laugh out of my ridiculous attempt at life.


S xx


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