I am just another one of those football wags, love expert, self help, make me famous, career goals, look how fabulous my humble life is, mummy bloggers … except I’m not dating a footballer or anyone actually, I have a string of failed relationships, I can’t help anyone not even myself, I’d rather be anonymous then famous so you’ll only ever know me as S, I work in dental … no goals here, while my life is humble that’s not by choice and its far from fabulous, I can’t be trusted with children the closest I get are my two fat sausage dogs (one of which has anxiety and no social skills), and I’ve never written anything in my life that I wasn’t forced too do for school or work. So NO I’m none of the above.

What I am however is 30 and starting my life over again … again.
This is nothing more then a look at my ridiculous attempt at life and adulthood. Pretty much a public diary into all things ME, and why I’m back too square one again… again.    


And Yep those are my legs in the above photo … boots by timberland … jeans from the bottom draw … jacket stolen from sister … also not a fashion blogger.