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Along came a Spider

I finished my walk on such a euphoric high. I again loved life, loved my fresh new outlook … I loved me (maybe for the first time ever). I was ready for the next chapter in my life. I was ready to get my life back on track and headed in the right direction. All that wishful thinking however came crashing down within hours of setting foot back home. Every little thing I thought I had worked through was now right in front of me. I was back to square one.

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Hacked and Humiliated


I have never felt as violated as I was this night. For the first time ever I felt what it was really like to be exposed, humiliated … hated.

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The Plan, The Attack


I made a plan. A good Plan. An exciting Plan. All there was to do now was tell mum the plan …..

The Way

I am all for signs, I think the universe always throws little hints our way. This time was no different. Back when I was still married, I was home alone (my favourite time) and I chucked on the T.V midday movie to pass the time. This movie was the start of something and my first sign from the universe. The Way. (If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favour and check it out. Plus it has Martin Sheen in it, the man does no wrong ). I loved the movie so much so I went hunting online for a copy to buy. Continue reading “The Plan, The Attack”

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Starting again …The first time


I woke up New Years Day, alone, in tears, terrified and literally the happiest and strongest I’ve ever been.

I called my mum and asked if I could move home for a while. She instantly answered with a yes and the only question she asked was “what do you need me to do right now?” My mum and dad where on my front door step in 25 minutes with every reusable shopping bag, washing tub and suitcase my mum could get her hands on. I laid on my cold bathroom tiles and watched my mum pack up my life for me. She grabbed everything she could and once a bag/tub was full she would put it at the front door and my dad would pack it into the car. A production line of my life being packed up.

So far only 3 people knew my marriage was over. Me, My Mum, My Dad. Self-involved Husband was still away camping and didn’t feel the need to check in, or even just say Happy New Year. It wasn’t until the 2nd of January he finally called to tell me he was heading home. That’s when I told him, roughly 36 hours after I had decided it was over, that he was coming home to an empty house.

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The husband

The very last thing I want is for anyone to think I’m just writing all this to throw myself a pity party. I’m Not, that’s not my style. What I do want is for everyone to think about their own lives and just too consider where they’re at. Is it healthy? Is it worth It? Is it what you want?

My next chapter isn’t full of a lot of nice things, but just know that I’m ok now.

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